Legal Framework

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Our rewards-based crowdfunding services are offered globally with the exception of a limited number of countries that have certain legal/financial restrictions. Please contact us with specific questions about restrictions on crowdfunding campaigns from your country.

Equity-Based Crowdfunding

Our equity-based crowdfunding services are also offered globally, however, if your start-up is incorporated outside of Israel, currently you would need to hire a local law firm to assist you with the preparation of your start-up for a funding round on B-a-MedFounder and with undertaking a closing upon the successful completion of your start-up's funding round.

In Israel, B-a-MedFounder has teamed up with Ne'eman, Keynan & Co., an independent law firm, to help Israel based medical entrepreneurs with all legal aspects of their equity-based cowdfunding efforts.

Please contact us to receive further information on the legal aspects of your proposed equity-based crowdfunding campaign.

About Ne'eman, Keynan & Co.

Ne'eman, Keynan & Co. law firm (N|T|K) provides legal services and solutions in various commercial practice fields. The firm serves a wide range of business clients active in the Israeli market and abroad, from leading public and private corporations, through unique capital groups and other local and foreign business clients.

The firm is vastly experienced and well known for its expertise in several unique areas with great emphasize to the dynamic and quickly evolving business world, inter alia, Capital Market and Securities, Corporate Law, M&A, Executive Compensation Plans and more.